What are the skills needed for future jobs?

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An international study predicts that three in five jobs will require advanced digital skills by the year 2030. But a recent RMIT report shows that one in four Australian workers don’t have the skills to operate in a rapidly digitalised work environment. This highlights a significant skills gap amid increasing automation in the economy.

Young people with advanced digital skills are likely to see their income rise by 500% by 2030, according to a joint report by Oxford Economics and Snap Inc, which is the parent company of Snapchat.

Snap Inc general manager for Australia, Kathryn Carter, explains.

“Forecasts have shown that 3 in 5 Australian jobs will actually require advanced digital skills by the year 2030, which isn’t that far off. And it’s interesting that although young people have absolutely been the hardest hit economically by the pandemic at the moment, they’re also the group that possess the right skills and the outlooks to really excel in this workforce of the future.”

Source: SBS