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La Trobe is a university known for making a positive difference in the lives of our students, partners and communities. We will become an even more valued and relevant university because of the way we respond to their needs in this time of great local and national crisis.  Our aim is to emerge as a more resilient, future focused and necessarily more efficient institution that will thrive in a post-COVID world by being more sharply focused on the needs of our community, and by playing to our strengths in teaching and research. The Strategic Plan is a living document that we will review periodically to ensure it remains relevant to our circumstances.

In August 2017, La Trobe recorded its best ever position in the ARWU global ranking, at 301 – a jump of more than 200 places in the last  two years.

Rankings are a reflection of the quality of our staff and the hard work underway across all of our campuses. These results are a credit to each and every member of the La Trobe team – my warm congratulations go out to them all.

We’ve been working hard to attract the best people to work at La Trobe. While news of some senior appointments has been shared with the University as a whole, there are many other staff that have arrived with no fanfare at all.

I’m very proud of the calibre of academic and professional staff who have chosen to join La Trobe in recent times. They have come from a wide range of institutions, both here in Australia and internationally.

In our 50th year I thought it was timely to share just 50 of  the recent additions to our academic staff. As you can see, they are a very real example of our new brand expression – All Kinds of Clever.

Of course, there are many other academic and professional staff who have joined us in recent months who are not on this list; but the list is an indicator of the quality of staff we are now recruiting across all  levels of the University.

Our research rankings have been steadily climbing for several years, and with such a strong team here at La Trobe, I’m confident that we are just getting started.


AU Ranking: 21

QS Ranking: =398

Undergraduate: 127

Postgraduate: 79

Diploma: 15

Favourite: 0

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